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Mistress Aileen Taylor

Rating: 8.54

Handsmother Mistress Aileen Taylor

Only mistress Aileen decides what her slave may and may not do. The slave belongs to her and is only allowed to breathe when she allows him to. With both hands she creates a special kind of breathing exercises for him. He's tied on his back with handcuffs, helpless and at the mercy of his mistress. And then he is wedged between her legs as well! The slave is begging her to stop, but she doesn’t care. And doesn’t stop. Her fingers press down hard on his mouth and nose. She will only stop to take his breath away when she wants to - and not one second before. Aileen loves to have the power.


Date Comment Rating Username
2014-02-14 Aileen is smoking hot. The scissors with the hom is very nice Awesome!!! David
2013-10-13 This slave has it so good. Beautiful Aileen gives him all this attention. He is so lucky to be in her hands and feel her control over his life. I like how he is restrained so there is nothing he can do to escape her. Great fantasy role playing. Great! waffel4
Sexy Jessy loves breath control
Homsmother test
Hot Ewa loves breath play
Stellina smothers the whiner