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Prove yourself worthy, loser!

You want to be my slave? Then you gotta cope with my demands on you. No space for compromises! Let's see how you'll endure my headlock! There the loser already turns red... but he really dares to keep up with it, so I start wrapping my legs around his neck like scissors. To intensify, I take off my shoes and socks so that I can plug the stinky socks into his submissive muzzle. Then I keep his mouth and nose shut with both of my hands. He'll learn that this is the only air he's allowed to breathe! I already call it exorbitant that he's breathed the same air as I did a minute ago - seems that he recognized that now!


Vanessa M
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Giselle doesn't let him breathe!
Breath control with Vanessa
Joyce can control him the way she wishes it!