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Last update: 2019-02-01
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Hanna & Jane

Rating: 8.00

When does he run out of breath?

The slave may be tired but that's no excuse for him to lie doen and get comfy on the couch. Such misconduct will be punished! Mistress Jane covers his mouth and nose firmly with her hands. She wants to see how long he can hold his breath for. He was so happy and now he can't even breathe! Goddess Hanna puts an arm around his neck and begins to squeeze. He's not having much fun! The two strict girlfriends keep restricting his air. Let's see how long it is before he runs out of breath...

The most favourite HomSmother.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Don't talk and don't breathe!

Queen Liana loves it when this stupid slave keeps his mouth shut. He shouldn't even be able to breathe! She sits on his chest and presses her hands firmly over his face, completely covering his mouth and nose. There's no way for him to get any air! He's struggling to breathe, but he doesn't need to. That's what Queen Liana has decided!

The most favourite HomSmother.com Update

Amy & Zora

Rating: 10.00

It's better not to breathe!

This slave is in the wrong place at the wrong time, because Lady Amy and Mistress Zora really have it in for him! Tied up with rope, he is at their mercy and will have to endure some bad things. How long can he hold his breath? He will find out now... Lady Amy presses her hand firmly over his nose and mouth. He has no chance to resist! But his moaning is unbearable, so Mistress Zora takes over, pressing both hands forcefully into his face, guaranteeing he gets no more air! Even if he does manage a little breath, he will feel the stinking sweat of Mistress' sports gloves deep in his nose. Haha, how disgusting!

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