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Last update: 2023-11-28
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Luciana & Nora

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All air holes tightly sealed (ft. Lady Nora)

The two slaves are dutifully waiting for myself and Lady Luciana. They are lying next to each other on the floor but have no idea why they are there. Now we are back and sit on the two unsuspecting slaves and squeeze the air out of them with our hands, which tightly enclose their mouths and noses. Now they are at our mercy and our methods are pushing them to their limits.

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Slave without oxygen - for as long as she wants!

Mistress Anfisa wraps the slave around her finger so that he trusts her. Now he squats in front of her and she presses one hand over his mouth and holds his nose with the other. He looks at her and obeys her order not to move. Mistress Anfisa slowly begins to count... How long will he be able to obey her before he runs out of air... Mistress Anfisa doesn't hold his first failure against him, but now she wants him to do it properly and squeezes his air out again!

The most favourite HomSmother.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Oxygen control by Lady Luciana's hands

Lady Luciana now reduces the slave's precious air by pressing her hands firmly over his mouth and nose. His head is firmly clamped between her legs so that he can't turn away. That's just the way it is when he puts himself in her hands. Then he has nothing more to say and gets the oxygen squeezed our of him. He learns to let himself surrender to Lady Luciana. She has complete control over his breath. His will has no value here!

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