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Rating: 8.83

Fighting for air

Svenja wants to control her victim's breath. She puts her hands on his mouth and nose so he can't breathe anymore. So who's in control now? Svenja of course - and she really enjoys it. Bound as he is, her victim has next to no chance to fight her anyway. No matter how hard he tries to get her off and regain control of his breath - Svenja doesn't give him a single opportunity. A fight for air - and only Svenja can win it!


Date Comment Rating Username
2015-08-10 wow, knock out beauty right here Great! David
2013-04-16 I love how pretty Svenja is. marc is so lucky to be under her. She's beautiful. Awesome!!! waffel4
Sexy Jessy loves breath control
Homsmother test
Hot Ewa loves breath play
Stellina smothers the whiner