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Breath Play Mistress Annabell J

Rating: 8.07

He does not deserve to breathe

What is the little loser thinking? Does he think he is allowed to breathe the same air as mistress Annabell? Well, he sure as hell is not! Tied up he is helpless when Annabell now takes his breath away, literally. Annabell like this breath play, this choking. And she doesn't care at all whether the loser likes it as well or not.


Date Comment Rating Username
2013-12-07 I like how Annabell J grabs him from behind and then presses him down on the floor. I like her tight pants and long straight red hair. Good waffel4
Luciana & Nora
All air holes tightly sealed (ft. Lady Nora)
Oxygen training with sports shoe scent!
Lady Nora - This lesson is called "Only your favorite scent!"
Jana & Nora
Mistress Jane and Lady Nora - breath reduction, nipple torture and ball busting