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Rating: 8.40

Extremely defenseless and at Angelina's mercy

Angelina is enjoying playing with her servant again today. He is imprisoned under her floor, with only his head free. That's the perfect invitation to, literally, take his breath away, isn't it? Angelina doesn't show any mercy, enjoying it when he is gagging. She plans to leave him under her floor - that's his place in future!


Date Comment Rating Username
2014-02-19 smother box ruins the shoot . Below Average David
2013-04-16 This was one of my most favorite videos of Angelina. I love her tight black jeans and top. This one really hits me when she puts the silver box on his face and sits on him. Then she hand smothers him while he is trapped under the floor she stands on. This is a very hot video. I love it. There is more of this on Sado-Girls too. Awesome!!! waffel4
He has to stand this!
Defenseless by duct tape
Coco prevents him from breathing
Mistress Nici squeezes