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Blonde mistress Mariola

Rating: 8.47

Breath reduction with dominant blonde

Mariola's slave is better prepared as for today it's time for some breath reduction in her slave training plan. She's experienced in breath play and smother techniques and as she sits down on the slave she presses her hands on his mouth and nose with full power. How long will the slave be able to stand it? It doesn't really matter as she'll smother him as long as she wants! She enjoys keeping him struggling under her powerful hands. Sometimes she allows him to breathe through his nose - but only for a few seconds until she presses her hand back down - even harder than before!


Date Comment Rating Username
2014-02-13 very nice Very Good David
2013-12-07 Mariola looks great in her jeans and smothering her slave. She's pretty. Very Good waffel4
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Susan S.
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