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Mistress Jana H

Rating: 7.61

Breath play with satin gloves

What does this scumbag think to breathe the same air as Mistress Jana. Jana intends to prevent this and pushes down with her sexy satin gloves on his mouth and nose. He shall not pollute the air she breathes - this she finds disgusting. So she just takes his breath away. How long will he be able to stand it?


Date Comment Rating Username
2014-02-14 Jana is one of the sexiest staria girls you have. Love her personality and she looks amazing in her black lingerie Awesome!!! David
2013-12-07 Jana H did some nice smothering but I don't care for her outfit. Below Average waffel4
Mean Janina doesn't grant him air
BBW Lady breath play
Diana's smother gloves
Mistress Zora controls his breath