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Homsmother girls Jane & Layla

Rating: 7.38

Hom smothering with two girls

Jane and Layla today want to take the breath of their servant away. He isn't to breathe when he wants it, but only when those two want him to breathe. So they are pressing shut his mouth and his nose with their hands. How long will he be able to stand it? The two girls will find out; and he can only hope for some air soon. Against four hands on his mouth and nose he doesn't stand a chance!


Date Comment Rating Username
2014-02-14 The outfits are amazing, love the girls showing off their long sexy legs. Put me under them any day ;-) Awesome!!! David
2013-12-07 didn't care for their outfits but they both smothered their slave hard. Below Average waffel4
Smother Mistress Verena
Smother blonde
Daliah says - and you'll follow!
Rayana resents her slave's breathing air!