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Rating: 10.00

Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane - Breath reduction and stinky socks

The slave has been serving Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane all day. The two friends are always coming up with nasty new tasks for the slave. A moment ago they were sitting on his face, but now their plan is different. The slave has to assume a new position and take off their shoes. Then he has his nose pinched shut while a stinky sock fills his mouth. Now he has to hold his breath, then take a quick sniff through the intensely fragrant sock, and then the oxygen is gone again!


Hanna & Jane
4 hands and no air for him!
Oxygen deprivation improves his sense of smell
Hanna & Nora
Foot stink or no air at all! (ft. Lady Nora)
Hanna & Jane
Alternating foot scent and oxygen deprivation