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Last update: 2017-06-27
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Rating: 0.00

Smother-punish for this footworshipper

I´m extremly fussy with my shoes and like to have them spick and span. So I use this slave for my personal doormat and wipe my sandals on him. But he protests and I cannot let him pass. It´s his fault now and I show him what real pain is. I sit down on him and press my hands firmly on his losermug. From now on he can only breathe if I let him.

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Sexy blonde Denise

Rating: 9.71

No air for that bastard!

Denise lunges at this bastard and takes his breathing air! He has no say, and he has no breathing! Brutally she takes over control and decides by herself when he'll be allowed to breathe.

The most favourite HomSmother.com Update

Vanessa M

Rating: 9.50

Validation for Vanessa

Vanessa wants to play with her slave, this means that she wants to try out some more breathing reduction games of her own style. She pushes her hands down on his face and counts down until he will be able to breathe again. Over and over again she makes one round after another, and he should cooperate when he wants her to quit her game some day...

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