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Rating: 7.67

Brutal breathing control

Denise brutally steps towards that loser and beats him in the face several times. Then she keeps his mouth and nose shut with both of her hands. He has to learn to respect her and deliver every bit of control to Denise. She controls his breathing air and shouts at him.

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Mistress Cora

Rating: 9.64

Hard homsmother

Mistress Cora knows no mercy. She bound him to the table and shut his mouth with duct tape - so she can control his breath by holding his nose in her hands. She has total control!

The most favourite HomSmother.com Update

Cute Jessy

Rating: 9.62

Cute Jessy

Sexy Jessy doesn´t want to share the fresh air with her slave! So she puts her hands over his mouth and nose. Well, slaves don´t need so much air ;)

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