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Last update: 2014-07-13
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Redhead Annabell J

Rating: 9.00

Smother attacks by Annabell J.

Annabell J. loves power plays. She keeps this guy’s mouth and nose shut using her hands. He doesn’t like that at all - but now he has no chance but enduring it. Annabell J. struts around the chair he’s on and surprises him again and again with hard smother attacks. She clearly enjoys her dominant position.

The most favourite HomSmother.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Breath reduction in the morning

In the morning mistress Anina gives her perverted slave bitch a lesson in breath control. She simply takes away his breath.

The most favourite HomSmother.com Update

Mistress Cora

Rating: 9.75

Hard homsmother

Mistress Cora knows no mercy. She bound him to the table and shut his mouth with duct tape - so she can control his breath by holding his nose in her hands. She has total control!

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