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Last update: 2015-04-10
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Red haired smother lady Denise

Rating: 9.00

He has no chance against Denise!

Today Denise wants to deal with this loser! She has bound him to a chair and now she wants to humiliate him very bad! She grabs his head from the back and closes his mouth and nose tight. He is allowed to breathe only when she allows him to do so! Very aggressively she verbally attacks him and continues to smother him. How long can he survive her torture...?

The most favourite HomSmother.com Update

Sue S.

Rating: 10.00

Sue wins through breath control!

Sexy Sue S. has bound this loser to the training bench. Now she sits right at him and squeezes the breath out of his lungs! She rests on his mouth and his nose with her full weight - and hurts him very much this way! Now she can completely control his breathing abilities! Ever since now this guy will understand that he has nothing to say! He just has to do whatever Sue orders him to do... and nothing else!!

The most favourite HomSmother.com Update

Beverly & Stellina

Rating: 10.00

Unwashed hands at his face!

The two girlfriends Beverly and Stellina haven't washed their hands after they went to the toilet... Now they want to put their unwashed, dirty hands right into the face of this stupid guy. He deserves nothing else! So they are going to have lot of fun spreading their dirty hands right at his face! Beverly and Stellina are pressing their hands that hard at his face that he cannot breathe anymore... all the better!

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