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Last update: 2017-10-05
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Rating: 1.00

Permanently disconnected from airflow

I'm counting seconds way slower than a clock does while I keep this slave's mouth and nose shut. He's getting problems quickly, but that's none of my business and I continue cutting off his breathing air with my hands. I'm kinda ruggedly, I know, but that's the way how I create fun time for myself! Testing his limits is one of my favourite torture methods. But he's too unpracticed to stay cool. No matter what, I continue stealing his airflow!

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Rating: 10.00

A drain without air!

While he's close to tears, I'm on the other hand close to laughter! I can't explain how much I love to control this loser's breaths. Indeed I complain about his cants, but secretly it's my favorite indicator for his level of pain. No sooner did I let him breathe again than it sounded like it was his first breath for years! And I am the one to control it. The less he likes it, the more I love it!!

The most favourite HomSmother.com Update

Sexy blonde Denise

Rating: 9.75

No air for that bastard!

Denise lunges at this bastard and takes his breathing air! He has no say, and he has no breathing! Brutally she takes over control and decides by herself when he'll be allowed to breathe.

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