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Rating: 7.86

You don't need to breathe anymore

What do you think you are doing, breathing away the air for the two friends? That's what they now want to prevent you from going on to do. With their four hands they are pressing down on his mouth and nose, pressing them shut. They love it, and the loser simply has to stand it. Then they have a special idea - wrapping Jane's leather jacket around his head and then pressing down again. Now he can't see, he can't hear - and he can't breathe!


Date Comment Rating Username
2014-02-14 Jane and Layla are so sexy they could wear sacks and still be smoking hot. Amazing Awesome!!! David
2013-12-07 I'm not crazy about their outfits but they did a great job ganging up on this slave and smothering him. Fair waffel4
Merciless air control
Oxygen ban for the bitch
Air reduction is the perfect suppression method!
Hanna & Jane
Breath reduction as a method of interrogation