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Russian Mistresses Katja & Ljuba

Rating: 8.15

Two Russian smother girls

The Russian girls Katja and Ljuba don't fuck around today. They want to have some fun with their loser slave and decide to simply smother him with their hands. They don't think he needs any air and under their four big hands he has no chance to breathe. No breathing for him as long as Katja & Ljuba don't want him to!


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2013-04-16 I can watch videos of these two many times over. Katja and Ljuba together are so perfect. I love their facesitting videos and now I can love this terrific HOM smother video too. They both wear my favorite tight blue jeans. I love these two. Awesome!!! waffel4
Loss of control for the loser
Breath control is her medicine
Hand mistress Jill presses down firmly
Smotherbox hand dominance