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Lady Tura

Rating: 8.53

Tura has the power

It's quite simple for Lady Tura. She doesn't put up with anything from anyone, let alone from such a loser like him. Tied up with handcuffs, he is lying on the floor and doesn't know what happens to him when Tura is drilling her knee in his back, keeping his mouth and nose shut with all her strength so that he can't breathe anymore. That's it with taking a breath for now - and so Tura wins absolute power over him.


Date Comment Rating Username
2014-02-14 Tura is very pretty, very sexy legs. Nice outfit as well, looks very nice in black Great! David
Hanna & Jane
When does he run out of breath?
Smother mistress Xenia
Hard homsmother
Jamie-Kate suffocates the slave