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Rating: 10.00

Smother punishment for the slave

The slave takes his place in order to give an account of his activities to Mistress Anfisa. How and when did he complete which tasks for her? His role is that of a house slave who must do nothing else other than clear away her mess. But he has failed and must now bear the consequences! Mistress Anfisa punishes him for his inability to complete his task and smothers him tightly. She squeezes his mouth and nose and takes full control of his breathing air. He has nothing more to report! Absolutely nothing! Mistress Anfisa takes the air away from him for as long as she considers it appropriate, and she is really very angry about this useless slave, so that could take a very long time. Let's see how he survives this hard punishment...


Breath control games and fresh air!
Permanently disconnected from airflow
Sniffing slave gets his air shut off
Until he struggles for oxygen