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Rating: 7.00

Smother fight with Khati

Now the loser gets what he deserves. He may struggle all he wants. Khati is stronger than him and hits him in the face. She wants him to not breathe anymore - by all means.


Date Comment Rating Username
2015-08-13 Agreed, rating should be higher Very Good David
2015-03-12 I think the real rating is 10 in this video. I don´t understand actual rating of 6.65 Awesome!!! moncin35
2013-04-16 What makes this a 5 star rating to me is how aggressive Khati is. She is so tough. This is a real tomboy smother video. I love her tight jeans and how she really lets her slave have it. She over powers him with ease. Awesome lady, and Awesome video. Average waffel4
Brutal Nina
Breath control
Latex dominatrix Lexy
Amanda L
Gothic Mistress Amanda