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Mistress Saskia

Rating: 7.86

Saskia likes hand dominance

Mistress Saskia likes hand dominance, and she loves homsmother. Therefore she has now decided that the loser is not allowed to breathe her air away. She only decides when he may breathe; no one else, let alone the loser himself. She traps him between her legs, pushing down firmly on his mouth and nose with her hands.


Date Comment Rating Username
2015-08-10 A very beautiful lady ... what a place to be, in her control Average David
2013-04-26 I always love the ladies wearing their tight jeans. Saskia is pretty and she hand smothers her slave well. Fair waffel4
Hand smother mistress Anina
No air for him
Face sitting and homsmother
No chance to breathe between her thighs