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Rating: 6.75

No breathing air for as long as it Mistress Zora wants it!

The slave has been opening his mouth and bragging about how long he can hold his breath so Mistress Zora is going to put him to the test. Is he just a chatterbox or can he actually back up all his talk? Mistress Zora traps his stupid skull between her legs andhold him in place. Now the slave can prove himself because Mistress Zora does not believe his gossip. So how long can he really hold his breath for? Cheating won't work, because Mistress Zora presses her hands very hard over his mouth and nose. She prevents him from getting any oxygen supply until his head goes bright red and he and starts to fidget in panic. The question nowis not how long he can stand it, but for how long Mistress Zora wants to take away his air!


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