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Rating: 7.31

Loonas Revenge

Now it's time for Loona's revenge. You shouldn't be messing with her or you'll get it back - doubled. She prefers a special punishment: With his head trapped in the smother box she smothers him again and again!


Date Comment Rating Username
2014-02-14 sexy girl, don't like the box Average David
2013-04-16 I like how her slave is trapped in the smother box. After a powerful hand smother to an inch of his life I can see her sit on his face until he is no more. I love these skin tight jeans. She is so sexy! Awesome!!! waffel4
Dominant girl Alexia
Jasmine & Vicky
2 girlfriends and their slave
Jenny M
She doesn't care if you can breath
Jacky J
Jacky J's breath reduction