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Amy & Zora

Rating: 9.75

It's better not to breathe!

This slave is in the wrong place at the wrong time, because Lady Amy and Mistress Zora really have it in for him! Tied up with rope, he is at their mercy and will have to endure some bad things. How long can he hold his breath? He will find out now... Lady Amy presses her hand firmly over his nose and mouth. He has no chance to resist! But his moaning is unbearable, so Mistress Zora takes over, pressing both hands forcefully into his face, guaranteeing he gets no more air! Even if he does manage a little breath, he will feel the stinking sweat of Mistress' sports gloves deep in his nose. Haha, how disgusting!


Lack of oxygen is the punishment!
Luciana & Nora
With us he gets no air!
Mistress Roxana takes her breath away!
Yasemin & Nora
His fear is our fun! (ft. Lady Nora)