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Mistress Xenia

Rating: 8.79

Extreme breathing exercises with Xenia

Today Xenia’s slave will have to endure an extreme breathing training. Her slave is degraded and humiliated while being trained to be a hom slave. She uses her stop watch to see how much his capabilities improve during the training. In various positions she pushes down on him with her sexy hands. She wants to see how long he can stand it. Tied up, the submissive slave has no chance to defend himself and is totally at the mercy of mistress Xenia. Female domination and smothering extreme.


Date Comment Rating Username
2013-12-23 I always love seeing Xenia. Her hand smothering was nice. I like her being over the slave and pressing him down. Average waffel4
Cindy C
Revenge means distress
Dominant Lola
Merciless breath play and leg smother
Pain and homsmother