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Red-Haired Eleonore

Rating: 7.92

Eleonore is really pissed at this loser

This guy really messed up and now red-haired Eleonore’s mad as hops. She punishes him brutally and therefore restricts his breathing with her hands - while sitting on him. She keeps his mouth and nose shut again and again - he’s supposed to suffer after all. You can bet he learned his lesson the hard way this time.


Date Comment Rating Username
2015-08-10 Wow, you've got sexy legs girl Great! David
2014-11-08 Awsome. Legs pinned so he can't move, one hand on his throat . mike1
2014-04-01 oh my god she's so gorgeous...can't find words^^. I hope she's going to make more sessions! cheers. Awesome!!!
Helpless in the hands of his mistress
Sabrina A.
Hot air-play
Susanna gets her revenge
Loss of control for the loser