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Sexy Angelina M

Rating: 8.93

Come here - I wanna play with your breath

Angelina wants to play with her slave - he's only here to amuse her anyway. Today she wants to play with his breath - something Angelina really loves to do with her slaves. The bound slave can't defend himself as Angelina presses her hands on his mouth and nose again and again. For Angelina that's just a loser to use - and when he begs her to stop she keeps going of course. She wants to have fun - and that's the only thing that really matters.


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2013-04-16 Angelina looks so sexy in these tight jeans. They are so skin tight. I love the outfit. She has so much fun in this video smothering her slave. He must love it too. Great! waffel4
Rayana resents her slave's breathing air!
Dominant Viktoria
Luisa & Mia
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Bound and prepared to be smothered