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Young mistress Zoe

Rating: 9.00

Bound and breathless

Bound by his young mistress Zoe the slave is smothered. Only she decides if and when he is able to breath. His mouth is sealed with duct tape so he can only breath trough his nose he is is allowed to. But Zoe pushes her hand down on it. Therefore there is not a chance to get a gulp of air and Zoe has the ultimate control. She obviously enjoys this very much and of course she informs her slave about that!!!


Date Comment Rating Username
2015-08-11 Zoe looking sexy as usual Great! David
2013-12-07 I like how her slave is all tied up and has tape over his mouth. He is helpless and Zoe does what she wants to do to him. Below Average waffel4
Catarina the homsmother dominatrix
Anna B.
Anna prevents him from breathing anymore!
Whining beneath my hand
Laura K.
Laura K. only believes in what she has seen!