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Rating: 9.50

Air cut off and made ridiculous

Mistresses Zora and Princess Serena are taking the piss out of this ridiculous slave. A moment ago he was really cheeky, so the two mistresses now show him their true face. He lies tied up on the floor with stupid pantyhose over his head and will have to endure what's coming to him. Princess Serena sits down on his chest and presses her hands over his mouth and nose with a lot of pressure. She takes all the air out of him so that he can't breathe, yeaching him how to become a better save. Mistress Zora is very amused by this and takes her turn, putting her hands on him and controlling his oxygen supply. The two mistresses humiliate him and make merciless fun of him. Again and again they take him to the limit of his air supply...


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